Welcome to the PICONET web site

The PICONET is a network of amateur radio operators located mostly in the Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. We also regularly have stations check in from Nebraska, Arkansas and Montana. All amateurs are welcome to participate. The PICONET has been in operation continuously since the early 1960s. The purpose of the net is to serve the public interest and the amateur radio community, to provide communications services as a convenience or as necessity dictates in times of emergency. Please join us on the air whenever you can.

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PICONET Operations

Frequency and Mode
The PICONET operates on a frequency of 3.925 MHz, Lower Side Band.
Days and Time
Monday - Saturday
0900 - 1100
Monday - Friday
1500 - 1600
Monday - Friday
1600 - 1700


If you are interested in serving as a backup to our regular net control operators who occasionally need someone to stand in for a net session or two. Please consider helping and let Charles, W5CCL, know that you can be called on when the need arises.



Check out a couple of pages from the
1967 WRL catalog. I have an order form
if you find something you like.


Looking for more shack pictures for the PICONET site. Send a picture of your shack, with you in it, and we will add you to our collection. Email your photo to k0cn@arrl.net, or send one by regular mail to K0CN (address in QRZ.com).
73, Al K0CN