Don WA0YAH. Bloomington, MN

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I have an example of an important PICONET friendship that runs 30+ years.  It is a bit of trivia that few know about.

In the winter of 1976, Georgine and I got engaged at Christmas time. The following week, we cross country skied the 3 miles to neighbor, Don David Taylor's, WA0YAH, farm home where he lived adjacent to his parents Ruth and Sylvan.

The purpose of the trip was to ask Don a favor.  We asked him to 
design our wedding invitation.  He was doing magnificent charcoal
drawings at that time and we wanted a simple but special invitation. He included the outline of Georgine's home church, St. Mary's in Bird Island, Mn. on the front of the invitation.  We got many compliments on the beautiful invitations.  The rarity of an understated black and white custom wedding invitation done so nicely really amazed friends and relatives.


Carl R. Gansen WB0CFF
Invitation Cover Invitation Inside